Sales programme and a developer has perpetrated a minimum bid for the improvement.

It really is under reserve list of the Government Land Sales programme and a developer has committed a minimum bid for the improvement. The total number of bids received for the tender is forestwood residences 11 and this indicates there are great fascination with the plum website despite market conditions. Analyzers note the developers are keen to shore up their land banks due to the fact that there are actually less sites accessible on the market and therefore this parcel managed to collect many interest among the developers.

Plans are underway for the landscape building of Forestwood Residences condominium including a swimming pool for the residents to relax as well as a tennis court for some quality time with the household. Additionally there are plans to include both an indoor and outdoor fitness center.

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$14million awarded for five research projects

The Ministry of National Development and the National Research Foundation have granted $14 million in financing to five research projects, out of the 26 white papers submitted for the second call for proposals under the Land and Liveability National Innovation Challenge (L2 NIC).

“The given projects presented opportunities to use technology push the frontier of possibilities for future development of living spaces, as well as to enhance the living environment for Singaporeans,” both agencies said in a joint statement.

Especially, its goals are to improve the cost effectiveness of developments that are underground by 50 percent, as well as enrich human comfort and well being by reducing ambient temperature by 4°C and ambient noise by 10dBA in urban The Clement Canopy areas.

The five research projects that received funding included a projected study by Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Assistant Professor Wan Man Pun to develop cool surface materials, which can help lower the heat on buildings and road surfaces.

A project by Lee Fook Hou, Associate Professor in the National University of Singapore (NUS), involves developing a prototype gear to slash the building costs of underground developments by empowering direct injection of cement into soft ground around corners and obstacles.

NUS Associate Professor Ho Ghim Wei intends to create a nanocomposite material for buildings that can transform heat and help purify the air.

Another suggested study by NTU’s Professor Chu Jian aims to develop a web-based three dimensional geological and geotechnical data modelling and management system, to reduce construction cost and increase productivity for future developments that are subterranean.

NTU Associate Professor Gan Woon Seng intends to create a software system that can model noise and how the surroundings affects it. Through this, he hopes to develop soundscape concealing techniques to reduce the effect of loud noises.

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Luxurious residence hunting takes to the heavens

There is a brand new method to go high-end house hunting. In towns like Miami, La and Chicago, real estate agents have taken to the heavens using helicopter tours to impress customers, while preventing traffic and providing bird’s eye views of feasible neighbours and prospective neighbourhoods, documented The Wall Street Journal.

“We do’t do it for just anybody – they need to be quite well-certified,” mentioned Gwen Banta, a Los Angeles-based luxury broker, who has flown clients over US$16 million dwellings and US$1 1 million in rural Southern California. “You get that see and they’re in love with the place before they ever contact earth and come in over the lake.”

Sol AcresLake GrandePrincipal GardenNorth Park ResidencesHighline ResidencesThe CrestSims Urban OasisBelgravia Villas

In order to plan the best screening, aviators and representatives strategise in advance to make certain everything goes smoothly. The pilot neighbourhoods the representative wants to show and will remove the co Ordinates of the dwellings, and comes up with a flight plan accordingly.

“To provide something that a genuinely wealthy man would appreciate isn’t a straightforward action to take,” mentioned Chris Feurer, Chief Executive of Jameson Sotheby’ s International Realty in Chicago.

But do these chopper tours cost? If you’re not unlucky, the bill will be footed by your agent. Costs apparently begin at 800 an hour for a three- passenger helicopter and pilot, should you have to purchase it. Many brokers who offer chopper viewings catered lunches for customers within the bundle and also provide sightseeing tours.

Some pilots have taken advantage of the trend and are actually getting their own property licences. This enables them make commissions on sales rather than hourly fees and to cut the middleman out. Naturally, you’ll have to decide if you really want the man flying the helicopter to additionally close your property transaction.

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Singapore remains most appealing for infrastructure investment

Singapore has retained its standing as most attractive market is ’sed by the world for infrastructure investment, based on the third edition of the Worldwide Infrastructure Expense Index, released consultancy business Arcadis and by global design.

The city-state ranked highly across financial and business, danger, infrastructure indicators, and despite a somewhat lower score for economic factors, a strong overall economic environment is maintained by it.

Several big queens peak queenstown projects are planned for health care and conveyance, like the growth of Changi Airport through the construction of a terminal.

In the area as a whole, there’s definitely lots of public and social significance of new infrastructure. There are a whole host of project ideas and plans out there, but they truly are not investible or bankable enough, that is the basic issue,” said Graham Kean, Head of Customer Development at Arcadis Asia.

In terms of economical score, China was first among the 41 states analysed, however greater hazard environment and its less attractive business conditions saw it rated 17th on the index.

Elsewhere in Asia, Malaysia rose to fifth position in the rankings. Its strong economic performance and continued long-term investment in infrastructure, like the capital’s metro system, have created the marketplace attractive for investing.

Currently, Singapore invests around five percent of its gross domestic product in infrastructure (US$20 billion in 2015), which continues to queens peak condo increase. By 2020, it aims to commit six percent of gross domestic product (US$30 billion).

“The crucial to unlocking investments in the region hinges on producing the projects bankable, an area which we’ve been supporting,” he added.

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